SALES MANAGEMENT 101: Sales Management for Dummies!

How do you motivate and develop a sales team? The short answer is, “You develop a winning team, one team member at a time!”
The members of your team are individuals; and, their personal ambitions, problems, fears, needs ,and desires, must be individually taken into account. In order to get the COMPANY RIGHT, we must ,first, get the PEOPLE RIGHT!”
Effective Leadership is getting people to do what YOU want them to do, because THEY WANT to do it. Effective Leadership is thus influence. Effective Leadership is the best kind of positive influencing; it is an art: influence…without intimidation and, frequently, not even a reward.
Goal Setting is the backbone, or heart, of Effective Leadership. Show your team that, by helping the company obtain the outcome IT wants, the Team will get the outcome that THEY want.
The beginning of exemplary teambuilding is realizing, and internalizing, the difference between the words “cooperation” and “collaboration”:
Cooperation is working together agreeably; Collaboration is working together aggressively.

3-Step Program To Develop A Team of Sales Super-Stars:
Step #1) Establish a comprehensive Program of Self Improvement through Personal Goal Setting (FOR ALL HANDS). Goals supply the “go power” in motivation. The Dictionary says that Motivation is the “reason anyone does any thing”. The two root words of the word Motivation are: “Motive” and “Action” (the MOTIVE, or goal, provides the needed desire; but nothing ever actually happens without ACTION). So then, motivation is goal-driven action; and, once an individual becomes truly goal-directed, it is like “bolting their accelerator to the floor”.
Step #2) Establish a comprehensive Program of Effective Sales Training (FOR ALL HANDS). This will give your “newly-motivated” Team a track to run on. The program should include the eight major methods of prospecting: (including Social Media), making effective presentations, increasing closing averages, and overcoming stalls and objections. Question: When you double your prospects interviewed …and, double your closing average… do your sales double…or quadruple?
The secret of closing the sale is really simple, and I will share it here. Ask a closing question which offers a choice of two answers, either one of which, signifies an affirmative conclusion. In other words, they can only be answered “yes”! The simplest example would be “cash or charge?”; or, “Would you like delivery today, or tomorrow?” That one secret will raise a closing average, and will make it easier to train “newbies” !
There are also Principles for Handling Stalls-and-Objections, and Principles of Decision-Making, which have an impact on sales. Sales has been described as “making a decision for someone, with which they agree”. In other words, Effective Sales is very much like Effective Leadership! And an enthusiastic sales person will not need to handle stalls and objections, because genuine enthusiasm, which cannot be faked, will generally blow away the objections.
Step #3) Establish a comprehensive Program of Time Management Training (FOR ALL HANDS). When your team members learn to work by priorities, they get more done in less time.
Once the entire team buys in and sets goals of: talking to more prospects, making more presentations, increasing closing averages, becoming better at overcoming stalls & objection, and following-up like a bulldog…SALES TEND TO IMPROVE!
When ALL 3 STEPS OF THIS PLAN are installed in a business simultaneously (especially in conjunction with a Social Media Campaign), sales TEND TO EXPLODE! For one thing, because your average sales person is likely operating at about 15-20% of his or her capacity, there is a lot of unused potential into which one might tap. Once the team members begin to realize what under-achievers they have been in the past, and begin to Self-Actualize, they typically are quite excited about their newly-discovered possibilities. For me personally, it was like coming up for air, from a long time under water… an epiphany, if you will. The new-found skills and enthusiasm tend to blast obstacles away that previously seemed insurmountable.
Enthusiasm is the magic elixir of sales. The word “enthusiasm” comes from the Greek root word, Theos, meaning “God ”. The Greeks used the word “entheos” or “God within” to describe someone who acted as if they had a God living inside of them which made them act really weird. We now know that, with proper development, anyone can become enthusiastic. Without it, one cannot reach into the Upper Stratosphere of Success!
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If you knew that your Team was operating at about 15-20% of their capacity, wouldn’t you want to address the problem of untapped potential , before anything else? That next website overhaul is a lot less important than overhauling your Team. Once “The Team” is overhauled they are self-sustaining. You don’t need to continuously re-invent your people as you would a website. Once your people are overhauled, they will be re-inventing YOU. Once you have your people right, you can then much more easily get the company right.

3-Step Program to Build Your Team of Sales Superstars-
Step #1) Break your success barriers by tapping into unused potential, through goal setting.
Step #2) Add a healthy dose of effective sales training, and polish it off with,
Step #3) Managing your time to your high-payoff activities ;
Improve YOUR bottom line, overall, by 100%, 200%, 300%…or who knows how high…depending on how much potential is currently being left on the table.
Set a time for a FREE introductory Conversation: what are your people problems? What outcomes are you seeking? Is your team maximizing its potential? We can help! The Leadership Guru Guy’s Mentor, Paul J. Meyer, trained over 800-Million Dollar Round Table members. He is the founder of LMI International, a leading global leadership academy.
Call in a Sales Management ‘hired gun’ : “Have Program, Will Travel”

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