When he was just six years old, Ron Tucker started working with his father, a home builder, and now at 76, he is still hard at it. That is a seventy-year far!In those past seventy years he has accomplished more than almost any seventy other people combined.

Because his job as a youngster was to mix the mortar and carry it to the bricklayers, usually up a ladder, he became incredibly strong. He began running crews for his Dad when he was 12 and took over the company at 18 when his beloved father died from a heart attack.

While in High School, because of his unusual strength, speed and agility, Ron played quarterback and linebacker for the Plant City  High School of 260 students. The team once played a neighboring team in Florida with a student body of 14,000 students. The game was halted with the score 62-0 and the Plant City boys had to leave town with a police escort to avoid an enraged citizenry.

Ron went on to play for the University of Miami, one of 17 scholarship offers he received. He chose Miami because of their Art Department (he later became a celebrated artist with works hanging in every state and many foreign countries).

When Tucker suffered a career-ending injury, breaking both knees by running into a brick wall attempting to catch a pass, he was told he would never walk again. As is his habit, he proved the “experts” wrong and eventually was even able to join the Air Force, planning on becoming a B-52 bombardier. President Kennedy had other ideas and selected young Tucker to become one of the first 25 members of the Delta Force, later known as the Green Berets.

Tucker was selected as an original Delta Force member partly because, being half Cherokee Indian, he had incredible knife-throwing skills. On one Top-Secret covert mission behind the lines in Indochina, he was forced to make a fateful decision: his partner stepped on a land-mine and had his leg blown off. Protocol dictated that he must kill his partner rather than let him fall into enemy hands for torture and interrogation. Ron Tucker made the decision to get his partner to safety, carrying him 17 miles at a dead run, thus saving his life. Tucker lost 45 pounds in the process.

From his early experience as a home builder, Tucker learned that most builders “didn’t know squat” about finance, so he decided to become a finance specialist. He eventually attained a PhD in Business from The Florida Research Institute in Melbourne. His entire class of 25  PhDs were trained for the explicit purpose of being financial advisors to the Astronauts.

Tucker later was able to obtain the first $100 million loan for Walt Disney to fund Disney World and, was instrumental in acquiring the surrounding acreage for the project. He eventually, over a 52 year period, was able to turn around over 5,000 ailing companies. He took over ownership of 200 of them and managed them to a successful conclusion, in order to save them from bankruptcy. None of his lenders ever lost a dime, as was his pledge to them. In the process of helping others, Dr. Ron Tucker became a very wealthy man.

Over the years Dr Ron Tucker, or “Dr. Ron” as he is known by his friends and associates, has had eight heart attacks, cancer, and diabetes. So far, he has beat them all, as is his custom. Now, at the ripe old age of 76, he is putting together a team to carry on his work.

His company, Feasible Concepts, Inc, (founded in 1986) has been in the business of doing feasibility studies, business plans, consulting, and finance.Tucker is now adding Incubator/Accelerator to the mix, with Leadership Development, Crowdfunding, and Internet Marketing components under development. The Vision is to enable a client to virtually walk in the front door with an idea, and walk out the back door with a business plan, a team, and funding. On-going consulting, mentoring, and strategic partnering will be part of the plan.


Each Enterprise selected will benefit from the Strategic Development Process innovated by Leadership Management, Inc.(LMI).

The LMI Process ( includes four phases:

1)Strategic Analysis- A “snapshot” of the business or Startup at present. Analysis of

the business model, problems, attitudes, ideas, and resources of all stakeholders: owners, management, employees, and customers.

2)Strategic Planning- Goal setting, Mission Statement, Vision Statement, business plan, exit strategy, etc.

3) Executive and Employee Development-Implement a transformational leadership development program for all hands, from the mail room to the Board Room. Develop improved motivation, creativity, team work, communication, decision making, management, sales and sales management.

4)Results Management- On-going mentoring, consulting and partnering, long term relationship.



Feasible Concepts, Inc. is adding a Crowdfunding component, using several successful platforms now available now that the JOBS Act has been implemented. Top candidates for funding campaigns are:,, and



A Social Media Marketing component is now where the “Rubber Meets the Road”. Inbound Marketing is the new Paradigm.”Cold Calling is Dead” is the new mantra. Our top three candidates for Strategic Partnership would be: Hubspot, Salesforce, and Outbound Excellence.


FCI’s Initial Startup Project:

The company’s first Startup is “Victory Garden Village”, a  shovel-ready residential community development  targeting  Young Couples/Single Parent & Baby Boomer/Empty Nesters. This complementary mix of markets is designed to meet the needs of the coming “Post-Petro-Dollar” World. The project is designed for home buyers and business people who want an affordable, secure living environment on the beautiful Emerald Coast of Florida. In addition, there is a substantial business opportunity attached to this project for the Entrepreneur-minded individual or company.

According to the American Association of Retired Persons in Washington, between now and 2029 the nation’s baby boomers will hit age 65 at the rate of 8,000 a day. This expanding older population is a boon to marketers that serve their needs, such as “Victory Garden Village”.

Thomas Coba, President of ServiceMaster Clean and Merry Maids, stated this about baby boomers: “These are people who have saved their money and feel entitled to treat themselves to more services.”

But baby boomers are also the generation caring for aging parents and Mr. Coba says many are contacting Merry Maids franchisees to clean their parents homes. In-home care franchisees are attracting baby boomers as clients and as franchisees.

Ed Teixeira, President of Franchise Know How,, and author of the “Home Care Franchise Industry Update 2013”, says companion and homemaker care for seniors is one of the fastest growing segments of the franchise industry. He attributes the growth to expanding demand and the low cost of entry.

In their report, “Top Senior Care Franchises”, market research firm Franchise Business Review, says the median initial investment to open a single senior care franchise is $101,900 and franchisees earn an average income of $95,264, compared with $79,684 for all franchisees.

Jim Brown, vice president of franchise development for Comfort Keepers, says most of his company’s 360 franchisees are baby boomers who were drawn to the industry, not for financial reasons, but “because their lives were tested personally, by having to deal with their own elderly parents or grandparents.”

Donna Hafler, of Pittsford, N.Y., for example, had been working in a bank when the retiring owner of the local Comfort Keepers franchise offered to sell it to her. “My husband and I had been struggling to find good care for our own parents”. Ms. Hafler says, “and were seeking new careers.” They purchased the franchise in 2011.

Another service franchise retooled itself after discovering the senior market.  HandyPro started  as a handyman franchise, but franchisees started getting calls from seniors who wanted help retrofitting their homes.  The company now has a tagline, HandyPro-Senior Modifications & Handyman Services. Franchisees still perform handyman chores, but most now specialize in helping older adults.

FEASIBLE CONCEPTS, INC is seeking to partner with builders, investors, and contractors in the home building business. We are building a team to include quality practitioners of every aspect of home construction and real estate. Selected investors can become a home builder by partnering with our team.

The site is a terrific “Location, Location, Location” on the Emerald Coast of Florida. “Victory Garden Village” offers an affordable amenity package to include: a fully stocked fish pond, vegetable garden, and boat ramp. With a golf course and schools five minutes away, it is twenty minutes from hospitals, beaches, and shopping.

The Vision for “Victory Garden Village” is to establish a “Village” in each of three markets: 1) Beach Towns 2) College towns, and 3) Chain of Fly-in Residential Developments,( every 21/2 hours of flying time, form Florida, to Canada, to California, and back to Florida).

Entry into the business is much more affordable than most franchises. An initial cost of as little as $50,000 includes:  10 building lot allocation @$17K; construction/perm financing in place;  average home will be 1,000-1,500 sq ft ; priced from $100K-125K. 100% Buyer financing in place. Full training by Master builder Dr. Ron Tucker is available for partners. All homes pre-sold before construction begins.

Interested parties please message: or call:850-623-5999

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