“Passport To Greatness: Accelerated Leadership Development”


“If Success is a Journey, Leadership is the Passport for that Journey.”

Duke Runyan, the Leadership Guru Guy       

Founder of the:   

                     Leadership Coaching Academy (LCA)

            “Accelerating The Transformation of Leaders”

Transform your Turkeys into Eagles, your Donkeys into Thoroughbreds;

Commit to Excellence over Mediocrity, Be prepared to outwork the opposition!

Whatever your industry, all problems are mostly people problems! 

We help businesses solve people problems and help build a great company by creating a “Company of Leaders”!

Whatever results you wish to improve:   sales,  motivation,engagement, or crisis management…generally speaking, people do not change unless a change agent enters their life.

The Leadership Coaching Academy IS that change agent. It is a leadership development system combining elements of both civilian, and military, leadership development programs.

Developed by Duke Runyan,  a former Marine Officer, with technical advice from Dr. Ron Tucker, former Green Beret (Member of First Graduating Class),

the Academy will:

1.) Mentor a Corporate  Culture Makeover in the first 30 days, and

2.)Develope a Company of “Total Leaders” within 90 days, (the  new “Ninety-Day-Wonder” Project).

Editor’s Note:

The Ninety-Day Wonder Project

During World War II the U.S. military accelerated the training of new officers to a ninety day program, graduates of which were , somewhat disparagingly dubbed, “Ninety-Day Wonders” by the press and military alike. The term became one that was usually used sarcastically for anyone doing a job with minimum training.

The training, however, was quite effective and one graduate, when asked if he was offended by the term 90-day wonder, said that he thought it was very appropriate for a process that took a mule-skinner and turned him into an Officer and a Gentleman.

It is amazing what a change a person can undergo in a three month period. Actually, in only three short weeks, a person can change their total attitude about life and success & failure. That is what the Accelerated Leadership Coaching program accomplishes for the business world: increased confidence, optimism, ability to concentrate, solve problems, be creative, and lead others on the same journey of change and improvement.

The job of a leader is not to create followers, the great leaders create more great leaders, in order to win wars and build great enterprises. Develop your people and they will develop the company.

In those first three weeks of the program the client puts to rest any demons, or baggage, from past failures, mistakes, relationships, and anything else that is negatively affecting their success.

These negative habits and attitudes are replaced by new, successful attitudes of positive expectancy and “no-limits” living. The new-found attitude is not one of hope, but one of BELIEF, the kind of certainty that generates persistence, perseverance and enthusiasm. It produces winners!

The Leadership Coaching Academy is the “Change Agent from Hell“.

This  system will permanently change tepid,  negative attitudes,  replacing them  with the Attitude of a Winner: an “I-WILL-NOT-BE-DENIED!” attitude.

Around the third week,  Academy members typically experience a major attitudinal breakthrough: a series of “Aha!” moments culminating in an almost euphoric feeling of “Positive Expectancy” (an epiphany, if you will).

This good feeling comes from knowing, without a doubt,  that you do have unlimited potential, and that, your  “Impossible Dream” can, and will, come true. But, it is up to YOU to develop that potential.

Leadership Coaching  is like having  Success Insurance, guaranteeing the Success of your Enterprise.

LCA Coaching is based on a

Personality Profile of the Overly-Successful Individual“, as revealed by the many contributors to the Body of Self-Help Knowledge, such as: Dr. Maxwell Maltz,  Jim Rohn, Earl Nightingale, Paul J. Meyer, and a host of others spawned by Napoleon Hill’s classic book, “Think and Grow Rich”.

General George Patton, one of the great leaders of all time, once said,”Leadership is the ability to apply principles to real-life situations.”

The Academy drills-in leadership principles utilizing learning techniques based on the Principle of Spaced Repetition, the same principle upon which the entire advertising industry is based.

Once the Leadership Principles from the Profile of the Overly-Successful Individual are internalized in the brain through spaced repetition over time, they then can be ‘Applied To Real-Life Situations’ for the rest of that persons life. The principles become a permanent part of the personality and factor in all life decisions going forward.

The Leadership Coaching Academy, speeds up the process of change and accelerates growth by focusing  on drilling-in these

Three Critical Principles for spectacular life success:

  1.  PMA (Positive Mental Attitude)-  has UNLIMITED POTENTIAL, whereas, the attitudes of most people, which are randomly gleaned from one’s mostly negative environment, are generally mostly negative, with finite limits, imposed by a stunted self image.
  2. Goal Direction– A COMPREHENSIVE SET OF PERSONAL GOALS in every area of your “Wheel of LIfe” ensures a balanced, creative, and enthusiastic attitude and continuous, lifelong growth for yourself, your family and  your team…and, helps guarantee a joyous lifestyle for everyone.
  3.  Self-Motivation–   When a  Positive Mental Attitude is  mixed with Goal Direction,  the result is Self-Motivation.  A high degree of Self Motivation results in a high degree of SUCCESS.

 Success Formula:



Leadership Coaching Academy

Results & Milestones

1.Attitude Transformation – Thirty Days

2. Develop Plan of Action – Ninety Days

3.Execute Plan–  Results Management (Feedback & Course Corrections)-Ongoing

This new “Culture of Positive Expectancy” is what puts the joy in living, that which the French call ‘joie de vivre’. With Positive Expectancy you see, in your ‘Mind’s Eye‘, a joyful light at the end of the tunnel. Positive expectancy is that ‘Night-Before-Christmas-Feeling‘ you got as a child (if you were lucky).

To truly know, WITHOUT A DOUBT, that your wildest dreams WILL come true, is an  awesome experience! If you but persevere…

The Leadership Coaching Academy offers a choice of

Eight Levels oLeadership Development Packages: 

Package I. “Success Planner”(SP)

The Success Planner personal management system is more than just an organizer. It is designed for executives, managers, supervisors, sales people, and professionals who want to improve their effectiveness, personal organization, and personal productivity. All of your project tracking, goal setting, appointments, and action lists are conveniently packaged in one binder. You always know what to do next.

*Weekly Group Leadership Coaching  

*Monthly Goals Webinar –  (including  elements of Leadership,

        Motivation, Effective Selling, and Executive Time Management.)

*“ Coffee With The Guru Guy”(Daily Conf Call/Podcast)

Monthly enrollment: $475

Package II. “Making of a Champion”(MOC)

*Daily Group Coaching – “Coffee with the Guru Guy”(Podcast)

*Weekly Goals Webinar –  (including  elements of Leadership, Motivation,         Effective Selling, and Executive Time Management.)

* PLUS “Deep Dive” Materials:  CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action Workbook

*Utilizing the power of “Spaced Repetition” as a learning technique. The                 object is  to “Over Learn & Internalize” the subject matter.   

Monthly enrollment: $750

Package III. “Effective Selling Strategies”(ESS)

This action-oriented program for professional salespeople focuses on developing the positive attitudes, specific skills, and winning habits required for professional selling.

*Daily Group  Coaching 

*Weekly Goals Workshop

 *PLUS “Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action    

Monthly enrollment: $970

 Package IV. “Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting”(DPGS)

This program can .use your unlimited potential to design your own personal goals for success. It is designed to give you a constant sense of goal-awareness, and to help you develop the habits as well as the attitudes of constructive actions. The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting program is uniquely designed to give direction to your dreams.

*Daily Group  Coaching 

*Weekly Goals Workshop; 

 *”Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action    

*PLUS Personal Brainstorming/Problem-Solving Coaching Call (Monthly)                     with the Leadership Guru Guy

Monthly enrollment: $1,470

Package V:   “Effective Personal Leadership”(EPL)

Through this comprehensive goals program, the EPL helps individuals develop increased self-discipline, a sense of purpose, and positive attitudes toward themselves and others. The bottom line is a happier, healthier, more productive employee.

*Daily Group  Coaching 

*Weekly Goals Workshop 

  *”Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action    

*PLUS: (YOUR)Team Mastermind Alliance, facilitated (Monthly) by The Leadership Guru Guy

Monthly enrollment: $2,470

Package VI: Effective Motivational Leadership (EML)

As the world of business has changed and evolved, the need for effective leaders has skyrocketed. For businesses to become truly empowered and innovative enterprises, they must develop leaders throughout the entire organization. The EML program is designed to create, build, and lead winning teams to function efficiently and effectively in today’s global business environment.

*Daily Group  Coaching 

*Weekly Goals Workshop 

  *”Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action    

Monthly Enrollment               $3,470

Package VII: “Effective Strategic Leadership”(ESL)

 Strategic leadership is the ability to lead an organization. A strategic leader is able to define and develop the purpose of the organization, the key strategies, the optimum structure, the right people in the right roles, and the most effective processes for the organization to success.                                        

*Daily Group  Coaching

*Weekly Goals Workshop

  *”Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action

*PLUS: CEO Mastermind Alliance, Network with other CEOs, facilitated (Monthly) by the Leadership Guru Guy

Monthly enrollment: $4,7o0

Package VIII: “Effective Team Dynamics”(ETD)

Effective Team Dynamics (ETD)
When a team works effectively and efficiently, everyone wins. A successful team is truly an example of synergy at work–that is, accomplishing more as a team than individuals could accomplish by working alone.

*Daily Group  Coaching

*Weekly Goals Workshop

  *”Deep Dive” Materials: CDs, Manuals, & Plan of Action

*PLUS: (YOUR)Team Mastermind Alliance, facilitated (Monthly) by The Leadership Guru Guy

Monthly Enrollment                 $9,700


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