BUCKET LIST 101: Goal Setting for Dummies!


In the movie “Groundhog Day,” Bill Murray’s character eventually has a happy ending because he learned from his mistakes. He was able to keep repeating his actions until he got it right.

Real life is much like that. One can actually keep-on-keeping-on until success is ultimately achieved. In fact, persistence is the most important characteristic for success. In real life, however, there are ways to “get it right” without being stuck in a time warp. One method that has helped many people to achieve really interesting, exciting, and successful lives, is the “Bucket List”, which is nothing more than a “Lifetime To Do List”.

It was over 40 years ago, that my stockbroker buddy recommended a program, “The Dynamics of Personal Leadership”, written by Paul J. Meyer and Distributed by Success Motivation Institute, Inc. My friend knew that I was very depressed over losing my girlfriend  and, having screwed up just about everything I had attempted up to that point in my life, I was actually beginning to think that I might be “Born to Lose.” The thought of suicide had even enter my mind, only to be banished immediately with the thought, “Hell, I made it through the Marine Corps and it was far worse than this!” Of course, most people don’t have that frame of reference and so I can see how that feeling of hopelessness could overwhelm someone without such a background. It is my hope that this story might help someone weather such a storm in their life.

In three short weeks of daily exposure to the positive message of the lessons, I came to realize, without a doubt, that there is no such thing as “Born to Lose”.  I learned that my problems stemmed from my many bad habits: drinking, smoking, over-eating, procrastinating, etc. In fact, all the famous people in history, whose stories were included in the program, failed many, many times and yet persevered to ultimate success in their chosen fields

I knew then without a doubt, that I was OK after all, and could achieve anything I set my mind to. Two years later, I was a candidate for the U.S. Senate in Georgia., This was evidence of a rather abrupt change of my attitude. Although I did not win the race, in fact, I lost rather badly, just being on the ballot and doing the television interviews etc. was a success to me, and, after all, I am the only judge.

This was the beginning of my “Bucket List” of more than 100 goals. As I learned in the leadership development program, anyone who is serious about success must be working on at least 100 goals or run the risk of seriously under-achieving in their life.

Over the last 40 years, I have done such things as:

appeared on the “Dukes of Hazzard” TV show; produced and hosted several cable TV talk shows; hitch-hiked across the U.S.; spent three weeks in Paris; lived in a log cabin; was a freelance writer in Atlanta and L.A.; produced a concert for charity; published a newspaper; hopped a freight train from Indigo, Calif. to Phoenix; jumped off a 40-foot cliff into a Colorado river; interviewed Jimmy Carter; became licensed in insurance, securities, real estate and mortgage brokerage; learned to play the guitar; played a draw chess game with a chess master; owned a sports car, motorcycle, sailboat, sports fisherman, a house, and a motor home; shot par in golf; raised the money for the movie “Sharkman”; lost 30 pounds; quit smoking cigarettes; broke a drinking habit; ran-the-table at pool; managed a bar and restaurant complex in Key West; played 1,000 games of chess online in 15 months;  and bought a Success Motivation Institute franchise.

Part of my inspiration was the story in the program about a 15-year-old boy named John Goddard, who in 1939 wrote down 127 things to do in his life. By the time he was in his 40s he had already accomplished about 100 of them. His goals were quite varied. Among them: type 50 words per minute, become an Eagle Scout, visit every country in the world, milk a rattlesnake (yes, he got bitten), climb Mt. Everest, and read the entire encyclopedia. And according to a recent article in Men’s Journal, he led the first expedition down the entire 4,160-mile length of the Nile River.

Goddard says he made his list because he heard so many old people going on and on about all their regrets over unfulfilled dreams. He vowed to never have those regrets. Now in his 80s, Goddard has expanded his original list to 600 items, accomplishing 530, so far.
He tells Men’s Journal that people often ask if he ever just relaxes and has fun, but Goddard says he’s thankful for having a blueprint, “They don’t realize that nothing is more fun than having these adventures”.

In my case, if it were not for the Life List and the training from the leadership program, I’m quite sure I would not be alive today. The excessive drinking, smoking and eating would probably have done me in. Fortunately, the program helped me internalize strategies for effectively modifying habits by substituting good habits for bad and substituting a positive attitude for a negative, defeatist one.

The essence of the program is summed up by this quote from Paul J. Meyer, the author and founder of Success Motivation Institute:

“Whatever you vividly imagine,

ardently desire,

sincerely believe,

and enthusiastically act upon,

must inevitably come to pass.”

You can gradually overcome the three big de-motivators of life: Fear, doubt and worry. If you “know” you will eventually succeed, it does not make much sense to quit.

Leadership Management International, Inc.(LMI), (http://www.lmi-world.com )a 50+ year-old Management Consulting Franchise Company doing business in 60 countries and 23 languages. In 2004 Entrepreneur Magazine named LMI “Management Consulting Franchise of the Year”.

Our Product is Success! Our motto is “Motivating People To Their Full Potential!”

Paul J. Meyer, Founder of Leadership Management International, Inc., is one of the most widely acclaimed and widely read authors of all time in the field of personal development. There are over 50 million copies of his works in print and recordings. His programs are published in more than 60 countries and in 23 different languages. His many works on motivation and success techniques have helped hundreds of thousands of people around the globe find greater happiness and develop a more abundant life.

Through SMI programs, Meyer shares the principles and concepts that make success available to every individual. The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting is a complete learning program, developed by Mr. Meyer.

The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting program is his message to you that your goals can be achieved. He has proven it possible and knows that what he has done, you, too, can do. This program can help use your unlimited potential to design your own personal goals for success.

This program is designed to give you a constant sense of goal-awareness, and to help you develop the habits as well as the attitudes of constructive actions. The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting program is uniquely designed to give direction to your dreams.

The Dynamics of Personal Goal Setting program has been designed to allow busy people to absorb and use the program contents quickly. The lessons are recorded on CDs for easy listening and quick review. You can listen as you commute, as you dress or prepare for work, as you relax at home, or during time you reserve at work. You can listen at any time when your hands are busy, but your mind is not.

The multi-sensory impact approach of the program is designed to help individuals absorb the training by using three basic senses: sight, sound and touch. It makes use of the visual sense through study and reading the printed text. By listening to the audio cassettes, the sense of hearing is utilized. And the sense of touch is brought into play as you respond to the various actions steps suggested at the end of each lesson. The more senses involved in the learning experience, the greater our ability to assimilate and remember.

Spaced repetition is the key to learning. Just as you did not learn the ABC’s the first time you heard them, it takes time and repetition for the mind to accept and embrace any new idea or concept. By utilizing the same techniques that advertisers use to establish brand name recognition, you will absorb the information from each lesson. Ideas that did not seem particularly applicable the first time you heard them may be the exact information you need to deal with a current situation.

An important part of the multisensory impact of the program is provided by Plan of Action materials for each lesson. These materials will help you apply the concepts of the lessons to you own situation and develop your own unique plan for the achievement of personal goals.

THE DYNAMICS OF PERSONAL GOAL SETTING-A ten-week Transformational Leadership Development Program
By Paul J. Meyer

Setting and Achieving Your Personal Goals
Attaining the success you want in life, in every area of life, requires more than mere daydreaming, more than vague desire. It even requires more than hard work. Goal setting is essential to success – and a self-motivated person is always working toward a program of personal goals.

Set Your Imagination Free
Imagination builds a tremendous desire for attainment and accomplishment by showing you, before the event takes place, the results of actions you can take to improve your position in life. Imagination creates a visualized goal, and you are as great as the vision you hold of yourself.

Potential Unlimited
Anything you can imagine, visualize, and sincerely desire can be yours if you plan for it and work for it through a practical program of goal setting. The unlimited potential you already possess is a part of the abundance the world offers to everyone reaching for it.

Courage To Set and Achieve Goals
It takes courage to dream, to use your imagination and your creative power. Without courage to face yourself, all your dreams fade into meaningless fantasies, and nothing ever comes of them. The courage to start, to risk, and to establish values are key in achieving your goals.

Five Keys to Success Through Goal Setting
Success does not come by accident; you can’t buy it, inherit it, or even marry into it. Success depends on following a lifelong process of goal setting and achievement. The five steps of the Million Dollar Personal Success Plan will work for you.

Giving Direction to Your Dreams
Once you have decided for yourself what is foremost in importance, you can determine easily where you want to go, which goals to pursue and in what order. Establishing clear personal priorities allows you to plan for the future in a logical, reasonable and organized way.

Self-Motivation and Goal Direction
The process of becoming goal directed involves developing the habit of self-motivation. If you are to achieve your chosen objectives, you must develop self-motivation. When you are both self-motivated and goal directed, you better understand yourself and others.

Visualization/The Dream Machine
A useful technique for focusing your creative powers on your goals is the practice of visualization – the force that operates your dream machine. The creative mental power of visualization is a valuable tool for supporting the hard work you do to achieve your goals.

The Power of Affirmation
The tool that can change your thinking, your attitudes, and finally your behavior, is affirmation. Affirmation is merely a positive declaration of something you believe to be true or something you expect to be true – truth you believe and desire to live by.

Planning Your Life With Positive Expectancy
You control your own destiny. When you take control of who you are, you find that it quickly becomes less possible for others to control or limit your actions. Expectations exert a powerful influence on attitudes and actions. You can consciously choose the self-fulfilling prophecies, the expectations, that govern your life.


1)Unleash Your Unlimited Creative Potential

2)Develop a Blueprint for Your Life

3)Set Off that TNT Inside of YOU

4)Bolt Your Accelerator To the Floor

5)Dream Big and Achieve Your Wildest Dreams

6)A Proven Track To Run On

7)Become a Fearless Decision-maker!

Why wait? NOW is always the best time to do ANYTHING.

Make the Decision to Change Your Life Today!Now is the time to develop the next generation of leaders, starting with yourself and your team! Email me if you want to explode your productivity, or turn your company around, or simply expand your “Bucket List”.

Henry Ford said that an investment in yourself is the best investment you can make!

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Whatever you do, DO SOMETHING…you will not regret it…EVER!

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